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Need help with stmp settings and installing remotely

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So I have just purchased spytector....seems the people there keep declining it for some reason manually, but I'll get it.

So I've been messing with the trial version and I don't know what stmp is or how it works exactly.

I'll be sending from gmail to gmail account, using port 465 and I have got it to work

but it seems only because I went into outlook on my laptop, logged in using the "from" address and it sent the logs from there.

...but does this mean I will have to login to outlook/mail(the app) on the other laptop so these logs can be sent from there?

Means if someone had a look at mail/outlook they would see a long list of emails sent to a certain address.....? in the sent box...

interesting, I removed the account from outlook+mail app and hit test and it still seems to work?

I am confused. any help is appreciated.

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Hi HSteve49. Please, contact Spytector Technical support by email: [email protected]


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