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Hi there!
So, I really need to install instant monitoring of my colleague's work computer (to prevent unprofitable circumstances). But, I can not find how to manage it fast and non-detected by firewall and etc.
1) I have a 3-5 min access to his notebook
2) Keylogger must be NOT detected
Is it possible to make a remote installation and what I need for that?
I'd be pleased if you help me. I hope we will deal 8)

In some jurisdictions installation and use of monitoring software is illegal. So, if you are not sure whether it is allowed in your country, state or region, please consult a lawyer. I strongly recommend you to consult a lawer in your area regarding all applicable laws and regulations. If your lawer confirms that your intended activity is legal, you are welcome to seek experts' advice on this site or anywhere else and choose the monitoring product which meets your needs best. As for me, I use Spyrix, and it suits me well so far



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