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How effective is blackbox express keylogger as a free remote keylogger software?

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I need a free remote keylogger software.
There are some free keylogger in the internet, but most of them are not remote keylogger. They are for
personal use in own computer. And I found some remote keylogger software also. But most of them are paid software.
I found only one remote keylogger software that is free. It's blackbox express. I heared that I can monitor up to 400 computers from my blackbox express software.
Are you a blackbox express user or used in the past?
Please tell me how effective is it. And can antivirus, antispy, security softwares and firewalls create problem with blackbox express. If yes, how can I fix up this problem.

Free remote keyloggers are abused and soon do not work.Loosten up with a few bucks and buy one.


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