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Forum Admin:
Greetings to all the Keylogger.Org visitors! We are glad to inform you that we\'ve decided to start a new contest on our site. The topic of the contest is:


Everybody are welcome to join and post your ideas. The most interesting for us will be ideas on how to improve the testing part of the site: what categories to add, what points to give, where and what to change. The authors of the most interesting ideas will be rewarded with the free license to Elite Keylogger Pro!

Though the most valuable for us will be the ideas about the testing impovement, if you have any other ideas about how to make Keylogger.Org better please do not hesitate to post them here.

Please note that only the ideas listed in this topic will be reviewed by our team.

I have a couple ideas, but these are going to be forum-related:

1. Increase the number of forum sections (either related or unrelated to keyloggers (such as an off-topic or general section where members can discuss non-keylogger related issues)).

2. The forums are a tad "bland," at least to my personal experience. It could be altered for a bit more originality, using a cooler-looking theme (such as the main website\'s).

3. Add a support section, where members can request support for programs they have purchased or a place to ask questions about something they are having trouble with (I guess this falls under #1, but I figured I would add it as a new one...).

4. Possibly a tutorial or guide section, similar to support, but geared more towards instruction than support. That way members could potentially find the solution their problems without having to request support and wait to see if it ever comes.

Some ideas on increasing traffic:

1. Create an affiliate program / process. For example, you supply a URL to your website (with or without a small image or text description) that a member would be required to put on his/her website. After adding it to their site, you confirm that it meets your site standards, and if accepted, add them to a small Affiliate-based section of your website. This way you earn more traffic and so do they; win-win situation.

Just some suggestions I thought I would share~

Forum Admin:
Because of only one response in this topic we are closing it. The winner is TGForums. Our congratulations!

Please note that we have started a new contest, please find it here


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