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Hi everybody,

I have tested some Software Keyloggers now. Those that I liked most I will be listing on this Thread.

So the following lists shows the Keyloggers that I found to be the most stable and most stealth programs. However: I have not tested all I want to test yet! I will also test them and expand the list.

I also include the price for 3 licenses as well as a screenshot for the logfile for comparison.

Refog seems to have the best User Interface in my opinion.

I think that All In One Keylogger GUI is much easier.

If you need a keylogger program, you can search the Internet and find many. I have used parental control program of anykeylogger(,it works well,you can also find other fine programs on the Internet.

In my opinion, All In One Keylogger - by Far is the best and easiest to use.


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