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Best keylogger for worried mother?


Another mom here in desperate need of advice.  I have been reading the posts and it seems that eblaster may be best for my needs, but I would like some opinions, particularly about it\'s current detectibility with anti-spyware and similar programs, or if another program would be better suited to my situation.
I will have access to the child\'s computer to install the program, so remote installation is not needed. Only periodic access will be possible after that, so I would like reports emailed to me, or otherwise available without access to the child\'s computer.   The program needs to be COMPLETELY undetectable by a very computer savvy kid.  I need to be able to see emails- both to and from child using a web- based email (doesn\'t download messages to computer)  instant messages,  websites visited, and chat.  It needs to work regardless of firewalls, routers, or other things I have no idea or understanding of, and be user friendy to a mom with limited computer experience.  Cost of program is not important. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Eblaster does sound like what you need. Remember, nothing can be totaly hidden, eblaster shows up in a hijack this log.
But it will get past most firewalls and virus scanners. Some firewalls, like Zone alarm, will ask if explorer.exe can access the internet, but when you install eblaster, just  allow it access.

Hi Frozen.  Thank you so much for your reply.  I have a question about something you said... "eblaster shows up in a hijack this log. "
Is this something a person is likely to come across accidentally, or only if looking or using specific software to search?

Hijack this is a tool listing startup programs,browser helper objects, etc. Its very  popular at security sites, but the average user doesnt use it unless advbised to. Read more here...

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Installing computer monitoring tools on computers your kids use without their permission to monitor them may violate local, state or federal law. The topic is closed.


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