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ideal runescape keylogger

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 ??? ??? ??? ok ive been searchin for some keyloggers but i havent found the IDEAL one....maybe u guys can has to have these features:

~remote deplyement
and all the rest.... pz some1 help :\'(

Spytector Admin:

--- Quote --- and all the rest....
--- End quote ---
that\'s the hard part  :o

How about reading those other topics.

Keep in mind that there are no good "freebies". If you really wanna keylog someone remotely, you need to pay.

Alright guys 1 question im kinda new at this stuff and i was wondering how to plant a keylogger into someones computer so i can get all ther passwords, for like runescape and stuff?    

Arcane, if you want an actusl working nondetected keylogger, you are probably going to need to buy one. Free ones won\'t work to well. Read all these threads, and you will see which keyloggers have the best support and customes satisfaction.


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